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Does the darkness in your bedroom at night seem a little too dark? What do you want bad enough to kill for it? Where would you run if the dead began to rise? Have you ever had a good reason to TRULY be afraid?

In these ten tales of terror, Russell C. Connor will ask the questions you don't want to answer. Questions you CAN'T answer. But you must. Your sanity, your life, your very SOUL might just depend on it. So lock your door, keep the lights on, and whatever you do, don't go to sleep. Because you never know what will be waiting when you close your eyes...

Killing Time includes the Russell C. Connor novellas "Outside the Lines" and "Dark World," available now in print for the first time.

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An office restroom becomes a battleground for a man in a very vulnerable position. A stray dog may hold the key to one family's salvation...or their destruction. A literary theory brings madness and death to a group of knowledge-hungry professors. At the end of the world, one town will fight to save that which is most precious and rare.

These stories and more have escaped from the mind of Russell C. Connor. They want to creep out of your closet at night. To come slithering from the darkness under the bed. To get into your nightmares until you scream yourself awake. So read on, if you dare. But once the terror starts...there's no turning back.

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